During an interview with the TV Presenter, Princess, who is also the host of the show “Talk With Princess”, she said “I used to see priests as semi-gods but after 2017, I had a different perspective” because “I had an encounter with one and it turns out that they are not as holy as they pretend to be.

Josephine had reportedly met the Priest during a retreat held at her church (Catholic). He called her out, asking funny questions about” her family, name, height, etc and she responded saying “It runs in the family blood and that she was about to write her NECO exams after WAEC…. “He(The Priest) started talking about friendship then after some time, he went to love”. The young girl was stalling because apparently she did not want to talk about that with a man of God.

After a while, this man succeeded in manipulating her and when he noticed she was already getting attached and talking to him all the time, “he started talking about SEX”. When all didn’t go as he had planned, he started giving her attitude, replying her notes on Whatsapp with simply “Noted” like he did not know what she was talking about.

The Priest came back during another retreat and this time pretended not to know her, he called her friend instead after service because “he noticed them sitting together throughout the service” and asked for her contact too. The naïve girl wrote her number and at the end scribbled “Pray for me”. This amazed Josephine because she was already aware of the kind of person he was. She tried severally to warn her friend but she would not hear of it. According to her, he called her friend with another number later that evening but thanks to Truecaller, she was able to figure out it was him. Her friend ran home, leaving the meeting. On getting home, she tried calling him severally but he didn’t pick; instead he sent a message saying “When you call me and I don’t pick, don’t bother calling because I won’t pick”.
Josephine was feeling bad in that he was calling her friend and not him but it seemed this Priest was trying to form a love triangle and make her jealous. They later spoke on phone and he told her he had lost his mom; this once more made her sympathetic and she tried sending her condolences. Quoting her, at the end of the call, he stated “Remember I love you”. Later that, day, during their whatsapp conversation, he asked that they start over. And Josephine seeking for clarity asked what he wanted her to be whether “daughter (as you were calling me before), lover/girlfriend or friends with benefits)” and he clearly stated that he wanted them to be friends with benefit or lovers. She agreed and he went back to the sex talk asking her if they could have sex now that they were dating. (This is a Priest speaking).

Dear readers, words fail me because I used to think that Priests especially Catholic Priests are always castrated and are believed to a live a life void of sexual sin and whatnot or have the times changed?

The Priest later blocked her on whatsapp because he couldn’t get what he wanted. Apparently, he reportedly tried getting physical with her and she refused.

He later called her after a while saying he was in Lagos (Note: he was still in cahoots with her friend. Meaning, he calls her when he’s in Lagos and calls her friends when he’s in Owerri and only God knows how many more he calls).

This proves that he has an innocent victim in almost every parish he goes too and only God knows how many more young priests are following his footsteps.

I can only hope that our teen-girls are careful enough to not fall for these wolves in sheep clothing.

A video coverage of this interview will be available on this site and YouTube Channel once the show “Talk With Princess” premiers.

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